About My Turf…


One thought on “About My Turf…

  1. Sachin…Nice article on the compulsive job hopper, which I have been one myself. However, the other angle that I believe you should have also covered is when the so-called Mr.CJH faces an interview and how he should have faced those questions from any other prospective employer. I have tried to cover my arse by spilling out lies pointing out to the incompetencies of the product stalwarts or company’s vision or likes. But, wish you should have covered some other through your awesome blog. I don’t usually subscribe your blog. But, was looking out for perception of employers when it comes to CJH’s when your post hit me in the eye by being the top search engine result. Good going. If you ever wanted to frame up something for my future interviews, do remember to send me an Email. Cheers!!

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