Of unread mails, messages and missed calls…

If you miss a call on purpose, sit on an email / message for eternity and sometimes just wish to bury your neck deep in sand and be anti-social for a while, read on.


Every now and then comes along a busy day/s, different from usual, full of meetings and travel. I enjoy these days – they break monotony and provide a respite from clockwork. However, they upset me in a very unusual way. At the end of these busy days, I have a heap of calls that I missed, mails that I didn’t read, and messages I did not reply to.

Not a big issue, one may argue. This problem is faced by many on a daily basis, and they solve it diligently. Not me, sir.

Especially, when the list of messages, emails etc. contains a name of someone I know, but just don’t have motivation and will to talk to the person. I just continue delaying a response and continue my life. But in my mind, lies a latent guilt that I have to return a call / message and the face of that person.

I would not classify myself as an anti-social being, but I am afraid I can’t be put up there with the gregarious ones. For me, its comfort and convenience before taking efforts to upkeep relationships with, well, persons I would want to be connected to.

And suddenly this period of delay becomes inordinate and my relations with the person concerned, well, not exactly stay cordial. It’s the largesse of those people on the other hand, who would call me time and again, continuing to be connected to me.

This has happened with me umpteen times and has caused many a relationships, sour.

Yet, I know I will not change.





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