Break the Circle…Can You?


What is that we are supposed to do in this life? What is the purpose of you and me?

What does it take to listen to your heart and heart alone?

What would I accomplish that others can’t?

What is that we are after?


Why can’t we stop being clockwork?

Why do we have to accept the norms, the set codes of society and people around us?

Why can’t we just stop time, stand and decide what we want to do? Why it has to be all in the flow?

Why there are a thousand things stopping us and just one want doing otherwise?


When is the right time? If not now, when will it be?

When do you know – This is it, this is me?

When do you come out of all this – all this that matters?

When you want to, but you can’t?


“You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world” – Tyler Durden in ‘The Fight Club’


6 thoughts on “Break the Circle…Can You?

    • I guess that what Life is all about…the code that we are yet to break – and thats what differentiates us from other beings – inquistiveness and inclination to ask, why?

      Thanks for your comment… I visited your blog and found a similar post on the topic…It was nice to read it..

  1. Sachin… you may add “How” as well… What will i do? When will i do? may need an insight and thorough contemplation of one’s past, present and he/she may be able to come up with an answer …or the light of the fact that they have to take in the flow and be part of bigger picture.

    But…… HOW WILL I DO….needs Experience and lots of unending iterations.
    We have trillion dollar consultancy industry to comeup with some convincing Standard Operating Plan/procedure to create a notion of ideal path and ensure that this query keeps on haunting the civilized world.

    We create Action Plans and may seem at ease with What will i do? When will i do? How will i do? Trilogy…but the solution and the quest for seeking solution varies with the Maslow’s hierarchy.

    • LOL…

      You were bang on about How – but I couldn’t add it because frankly, I don’t have a clue on exactly how I will do it. I am sure there is something sexy about being lost and confused 🙂

      I also agree with the fact that world is conspiring to make it even more confusing, infact one reason why I never read Self Help Books – end up leaving you more confused than ever… I guess confusion is a by product of development and advancement in civilization’s evolution.

      And finally, I believe time has come to define sublevels in Maslow’s Hierarchy to reflect today’s realities…

      Thank you for a wonderful comment!

  2. Rather than lamenting the ‘whats, ifs, hows and whys’ gather yourself and attack the opportunities that these same ‘whats, ifs, hows and whys’ present..

    These are the tools with which one gets to know their true self, know their potential and what they are meant to do in life.

    There is just ‘One’ thing in this world that can show a middle finger to the ‘whats, ifs, hows and whys’.. A just sits there and watches the world go by, lives life on its own terms and cocks a snook at the important changes in history by not participating in it.

    Its for YOU to decide…what would you be ???

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