Simple Pleasures of Life: Why Do We Like to Delay Our Bill Payments Till the End…

Whoa! Its been a long time…very long time since I expressed opinions, made jibes, or just ranted… Something, inside of me, wanted me to end this ‘self imposed exile’ from social networking and blogging. Listen to the heart – as they say, here I am with a better resolute to write and not to be absent for long durations.

I was thinking of a ‘comeback’ post for a while…afterall, it’s not easy to just jump on the computer and start writing… but then it struck me, it need not be a ‘super – duper’ post – it can be a simple musing of my mind as well. So while  I was finished paying my pending bills for the month, I thought why the heck I am paying in advance? I was never like that!! I used to delay my payments till the very end and just loved the thrill of paying just-on-time. Not anymore, I guess it has direct relation to my increasing age and decreasing risk taking capability. Eureka! There I have it – my ‘comeback’ post…

When I thought about it further, I had a revelation of sorts – I delayed almost all my activities to the last-minute, be it work or personal life. Procrastination is all over me.  Blame it on the experience and past data I have gathered on how much time it takes to finish things. Or simply a personality trait.  It has become a way of life for me – mind you, not a pretty situation to be in when you are surrounded by people who love discipline and appreciate before time performance!!

Back to paying bills – I would say in this ‘just-on-time’ game, I have won sometimes and lost too…Lost when the cheque I had written to a biller was wrong or delayed. or the internet connection wouldn’t work on the bill submission date.  As a result, I ended up paying late fee a lot of times. Still, I felt it was worth taking the shot. Cheap thrills, anyone? Here’s my list of reasons to why people love delaying payment of bills:

#1 False Sense of Net worth: By delaying bill payment, I repeatedly login to my bank website see my bank balance and my ego swells with pride! I love the false reinforcement I get in the process that –  ‘dude, you still have a lot of miles in your tank, let’s do some more shopping!!’  This predicament can only be understood by a person whose bank balance rapidly tends to zero by mid of every month and he has 15 more days to spend with prudent spending :(.. So, waiting till the last moment saves you from the embarrassment when you receive bank balance alert SMS and mails…

#2 Hide-and-Seek: Didn’t we all love playing hide-and-seek as children… This is exactly the grown ups’ version of hide-and-seek. Rules are simple here – The billers are out there to get you all the time; you just have to show up at the right time. If you miss, you lose; If you hit, you are a CHAMPION. Adrenalin levels suddenly rise to mountainous levels. Am I going to make it or not? Will they charge late fee or would I get away with this? God! why did I do this – please make it acceptable this time,  I won’t do this  next time –  Replacement for bungee jumping / watching MTV Roadies ? 😐

#3 Last Mile Interest: This is the interest you earn by keeping the money in your savings account as long as you can without defaulting on your bill payments. Thanks to RBI, we get daily interest on our savings bank accounts. So why not earn extra moolah by just delaying the payment of the bill? Why let the biller enjoy some extra pennies of interest on our behest? and people say procrastination is a vice – time for a real interest check!!

#4 Feel Important and Make Others Jealous : Who doesn’t want to feel important and become sought after? Little extra care does not do you any harm…So when you delay your bills, the billers send you SMS and email reminders, alerts and sometime even phone call. Afterall, you have been a loyal customer for so long – can’t they just pay back by making you remind that you have some small bill pending. Otherwise, in the age of Facebook,  you hardly receive phone calls from people. And if you feel your job sucks and you are not doing any good to your company, you can at least project that you are busy in work doing some mission critical work , by making this pretty excuse, when you receive a call – Oh gosh! I am so engrossed in work, I just couldn’t get time – the guy on the other side would totally believe you are a busy guy working on top shot projects and genuinely busy all the while. Instead, he would curse his luck on why he is doing a super boring collection executive job, when other people in the world have so much interesting work that they even forget paying their bills!!

 # 5 ‘No Idea’ Syndrome: This happens to the people who believe they are victim of some sort as they are constantly targeted by Banks, Phone and electricity company and others by weaving in the some extra charges in their overall bill. (PJ Alert) When asked why is it happening – ‘no idea’ is what we get as a reply. So, to ‘get idea’ :), they make huge calls to custome care on how their bill is incorrect, threaten to drop the services of the company and at one point, they actually think of moving to some other service. Nah! too much effort in that, and thinking exactly that the pay up the bill just – on- time. Who says its not a sellers market anymore?

Those of you, who are a disciplined, risk averse lot – please do not try anything written above at home. These are real-life decisions performed by professionals under guidance of their procrastinated minds. My Turf would not have any liability arising out of late fee charges on bill payments of its readers…

“A man who pays his bills on time is soon forgotten…”

                                                                                           – Oscar Wilde


9 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures of Life: Why Do We Like to Delay Our Bill Payments Till the End…

  1. It is not only bills, people at the eleventh hour book tickets, come to office rushing dot at 9 or 10 ‘o clock as the case may be, dash to bank right at the business closing hours, so on so forth!

    • True Mr. Ayyangar, we see a lot of this happening around us… I just happen to pick the bill thing as even I have done this a lot of times…

      Thanks for visiting my blog..


  2. Reminds me of what Calvin says “Out here I’m learning skills that I can apply throughout the rest of my life – procrastinating and rationalizing”…nice thoughts:)

  3. Oh I am history as per Oscar Wilde’s logic 🙂 Always pay my bills before time. And stalling till the last date to save interest doesn’t make sense after the payment of interest thingie was modified by banks.

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