Hey Boy! Your Best Friend is a Girl? Never Mind, You’re not Alone….

Need to share something exciting?? Looking for a shoulder to cry?? Want to confess, share or simply bitch? If you’re a guy or a girl, there are high chances that shoulder extended is that of a person from opposite gender. Rules of the game are simple for boys and girl alike. You want to have fun, enjoy, hangout etc. you may do it with your gang of boys or girls. The moment you feel the need to talk “Serious” issues impacting your life, you go to a best friend, most probably not the same as your gender. This is also referred to as ‘Platonic Relationship‘. According to wikipedia,

Platonic love, in its modern popular sense, is a non-sexual affectionate relationship. A simple example of Platonic relationships is a deep, non-sexual friendship, not subject to gender pairings and including close relatives.

What intrigues me about platonic relationships are two things – why we do it? and i-kid-you-not, what are the best practices to follow? 🙂 simply put, why boys and girls gel more and what steps to follow to keep it just that – platonic. Making whole affair spicy is the popular belief that best friends make best of lovers. Indeed, I am available to testify that anyday ;).. So how and why do we get along with opposite sex so much? Here are my top reasons:

## They are better listeners than similar gender friends…afterall which guy would be interested in knowing what’s happening in other lad’s life??

## Cos they listen better, they empathize better…hence are closer to heart…

## There is huge curiousity about the other sex…Whats in their mind, how they react to situations, how to impress them, or simply what works and what not…completely unchartered territory to be explored..

## Some Insider tips, advices or suggestions on how to go about winning someone over…

## There is no competition… with same sex, you are always bound to be comapred on appearance, intelligence or skills…no such competition with opposite sex :)…

## Attention never seems to cease from the opposite sex…Get loads of it all the time…:)

## You can shamelessly ask for any number of favors…and get your work done…

## You can simply bitch or complain about anyone under the sun…even about the one you love…on a serious note, there are some things you dont even share with your someone special, no holds barred here…:)

People have thier own opinions on platonic relationships…Some argue that a guy and a girl can never be ‘just’ friends…while others are of view that people can be friends without getting the angle of love and sex involved in their relationship. Fair enough, both sides put their arguments in a manner which do not have a right/wrong answer as relationships come with lot of  subjectivity involved. Even though it is good to have friends, there has to be priorities defined on how do you want to treat people in your life. There is a whole lot of effort required along with great restraint from both the parties involved. Here’s what I think are the things we shouldn’t forget if we are in a platonic relationship,

** Draw your limits on what to share and how much to share. I guess there should be check on few things personal, which you would rather prefer sharing with someone special…

** Don’t believe just because your comfortable talking to your friend, you would turn to them in every situation…be wary, especially in emotional situations….The support extended at these situation brings you closer to anyone in record time!!

** Be focussed. Don’t create if’s and but’s scenarios with your best friend in mind…trust me, its gonna be disastrous, and you would probably end up on losing side..

** Flirt, but again, need to show some restraint. The love emnates from the flirting and becomes too much to handle…

** Never ever give priority to you friend over your love… You would be doing great injustice to them. Always remember your love has the first right on you…

** Never compare the two – your friend and your love. Both are individuals, bound to be different. Respect the same. period.

** Being protective is good. But only if  its your love interest. Don’t try to be protective and poke your nose too much in their affairs. Alongside, don’t take or force your decisions on them. You ain’t god controlling the life of mortals…

** Its good to be available for help sought by your friends…but on expense of your own life, personal engagements etc.,  No way!. if you draw a line for yourself, make sure your friends do that too.

 I understand, we are all humans, always ready to err. Don’t do this, do that, may never help. I suppose, what I have written is tending towards ideal or perfect. But, all of this would make sense if you try and see your friendship being in your lover’s shoes. How you would feel about the relationship then? I am sure the limits, focus and priorities would come by themselves, without any great effort. Afterall, what if your friend has a love and they start keeping tab on the relationship with you. Exactly! sooner or later that has to happen.

However, if you/your friend fail to do all this, get ready to propose your friend…A good, strong relationship is in store for you…;)



5 thoughts on “Hey Boy! Your Best Friend is a Girl? Never Mind, You’re not Alone….

  1. Well I too have a very nice guy friend who really advices and motivates me during my bad times. He is quite elder to me and we share great friendship .

  2. I don’t buy it …………… especially when the said individuals r in a relations (not with each other) the “Platonic Relationship” hardly works! Even if it means involves cousins or brothers and sisters…………..your partner will eventually have a problem with this “Platonic Relationship”!
    I am no relationship expert to comment on this, but I’ve had enough of my share to know (but never understand) some of these facts………….may be worked for you (or some people who got hit by a meteor and survived to tell their tale)………just that I have seen a lot of such “relationships” or whatever you call it……..ending up into an affair or breaking up in a really ugly way!
    I’d still stick to “A Girl and a Guy can never be Best Buddies” 😀

    • Hi Addy,

      Thanks for your comment!

      I would say no one is a relationship expert and everyone is…so, your/my opinion would be counted as same as anyone else’s…its all highly relative to each specific individual..

      I respect your opinion but I would only say that never do not generalize things…always have room for exceptions…Never say Never!!!

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