Increasing Influence of Friends…

Have you ever done something about which you were really not sure, but you nonetheless did that because your “friend” said so?? If yes, read on for my take on this…

Friends have become more important than ever… I am sure, in previous generations, friends would have been important too… But today, as I look around, friends play much important role in our lives than parents or siblings. Almost all of us have that one close friend whom we entrust our life’s secret with, go to get support or opinions, and sometimes even let him take a decision for us !!!

As humans, whosoever we get close to, we let them overpower some portion of our personalities. That is why we get happy/sad with whatever they do with/without respect to us. So far, I guess parents and siblings (by virtue of their age/relationship) had the maximum influence on us. But as we grow up, we try to decide and develop an attitude for people around us and what role they should play in our life. Mostly, we are in awe of our friends (who we idolize because of their skill, intelligence of position in our peer group) rather than anyone else. Moreover, we have instant tuning with our friends as they are going through the same phase as us vis-a-vis our parents or siblings.  That explains why it becomes easy for friends to dictate somethings that we do in life.

But when we see in retrospect, we often rue the fact that we let somebody else decide for us or we were blindly following whatever friends were doing. No two person think alike or react same to situations. I have people around me – who studied a particular course as their friend convinced them that this would be the best thing possible for them; who changed jobs just because his friends made him believe the other job was best proposition; Did Alcohol/smoking because his friends said he would not want to be left out of  ‘it’ people…There are so many things we do and regret later… Many a times, I have been influenced by my friends (and I regret that..) and I have also influenced my friends (I am sure they regret it too ;)… )

If it is so normal, why even bother about it… a decision here and there…does it matter?? Afterall, we decided to take the decision and go forward…Aren’t we equally guilty?? I would say ‘No’…and we should absolve ourselves from any guilt that we have on any decision which changed the course of our lives… Especially, those decision which we took in impressionable age (This age can be anything based on your maturity)…

I say so because, no one has right of pushing us into something for which we were not sure…irrespective of whether they knew the consequence or not, majority of guilt lies with people who pushed us...

As there is no ‘undo’ button in life….people…stand up and take your decisions…take opinions, consult every quarter…but decide on your own…and ‘Mavens‘ …please refrain from pushing people to take proxy decisions…

P.S> Sometimes, friends help us take good decisions as well…But frankly, it is coincidence or just fate, bad decision have more bearing on your life than those good one….:)

Bad or good, please take your own decisions….


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