How I started focussing and stopped being disillusioned…

This is a burning question inside every average human being – “Do I join the crowd and toil hard for that extra comfort/luxury etc.?” or “Do I quench my thirst for doing something extra/make a difference in my/other’s  life?”…This thought pre – occupied my being since I have graduated…However, I was disillusioned enough and I kept flowing with the tide and chasing the “better life” dream ever since…but, time and again, I have done introspection and found that I don’t want to do what I am doing, not because I don’t like it or I am not good at it….rather I will do something else, something creative which will give me a greater satisfaction and hence, happiness and peace (The two most elusive commodities these days)….However, I went on, disillusioned…still..:(

Upon reading Bertrand Russell, I have some consolation/ support to my philosophy on how to lead my rest of the life. (Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell, OM, FRS (18 May 1872 – 2 February 1970) was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, socialist, pacifist and social theorist).

Now, the background – As per Russell, humans have two impulses – Possessive (to acquire something material like property, gold etc.) and Creative (to acquire something for which there is no privacy and which can’t be possessed, like invention, poetry, writings etc.)…Russell asserts that ideally, a man should have more of creative impulses than possessive impulses…he also talks about a socialist society where people who want to have more creative influence and want to get out of the race of acquiring assets, can do so…with society helping them along by letting him work less (and get paid accordingly)…

However, the creative impulses come for a price… The individual following creative pursuits should be strong enough to forego a life of luxury and do only that amount of work which is necessary for his existence.

Now, this was written at the time of World War – I (1917)…the society/government around us has changed to a great extent…We live in a federal democracy with Capitalism just around the corner…The underlying meaning of what he said still remains current…

This actually forced me to think…Will the race of  “better life” ever stop?…. Would I continue to suppress my innermost desires of doing something which I like (Change/take your own path) or  continue doing what I am doing currently (my comfort zone/follow the herd)?…

Think about it…We always have a target in mind about our material possession…we are earning X amount right now, we think of earning 2X amount…we have a small car (which like totally fulfils our needs), but our heart is on that luxury sedan…Cellphones, clothes, shoes, jewellery, music players, laptops…hmm…the list can take a lot of space if I go on…and problem occurs, when we do not have enough means to acquire this ‘wishlist’….that’s when we see people who have all this, compare them with us…and feel sad/motivated to reach/exceed their levels….Here’s the catch…this is a recurring cycle which repeats itself once you have acquired your desired levels….There is no dearth of people with riches…lifelong it goes on…keeping us on toes to acquire….(For people who like having possessive impulses – great! keep it up… at least you know what you want out of your life…!!!)

Well … much to my dismay, I still could not find the ‘right’  or ‘one’ definite answer…but, I certainly know for sure, that this is time I nurtured my creative impulses… I see myself  devoting time on things which I really want to do…(one of them is writing, and this blog is the medium)…Slowly and gradually, the transition has to happen…Its not easy…but, who said following your own path is easy….What makes it complicated is your role in various relationships you have…I get reminded of the The Matrix Series here…What is truth and what is reality, only someone like Neo can crack the code….and good news is, we have many Neo’s around the world coming to terms with the Matrix and following their own path…

Decide for yourself…What’s your path going to be…


2 thoughts on “How I started focussing and stopped being disillusioned…

  1. Well falling short of time …will read this post of yours first thing tomorrow morning, right now just wanted to tell you that something is definitely awaiting you on my blog …surprise!
    ( sorry last time due to some link error … I could not give you the surprise )

  2. Heloss! Now your posts always makes sense and really makes me think a lot! Well choosing one’s own path is a difficult thing. I still don’t know what I want out of my life . Like I had mentioned in one of your post earlier this month about my indecisive nature . Well considering material and creative impulses I would go for both . It’s is not so easy to survive without material possessions and I don’t think there is any harm if one wants more and more from life . Nobody is going to help him , it’s he only who have to make his dream/aim come true.
    But ya helping yourself to improve your creative impulses will give you long term benefits . It’s really helpful. :):)

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