Notes on ‘Bitching’

Its an inherent part of our everyday life..! We all have done it at least once (its an understatement!)…and we all have enjoyed or derived sadistic pleasure out of it…this is no bastion of a particular sex …both men and women have been found to do it in equal proportions…Yes, bitching is an activity that we all resort to (for pleasure, to vent out or get back at someone!, or simply just for kicks!!!)…and at the same time feel guilty about doing so… quite a cornucopia of emotions I must say…

Anyways… this post is not about weighing pro’s and con’s of bitching… I just want to go a step back and think why we do it on earth? Is it for personal gain? or for getting one up on people? or we simply surrender to the habit…could be all this or more…So, here’s my top 5 on why we (or to be politically correct..people like me) bitch…

#1 We bitch because we dislike some people and want everyone to have same opinion on them…We bitch because people are fool enough to believe us and make opinions based on our judgement. Actually, they feel lazy (or just want to save the effort of communication)… and will have anything instead of nothing!

#2 We bitch because we want to become popular by passing on masala news (which everyone wants to hear!!) on people… We bitch because we feel powerful of possessing some information which others do not have…

#3 We bitch for penance..this one is cool… when we change camps/shift loyalties  (I mean one set of friends to another)…we bitch about people of the camp we have left…why we do it? because previously, we used to do it about the camp we have just joined…our very own, ingenious mechanism of justice!!

#4 We bitch because we want to discuss how bad/good people or their situations are…and we compare it with our own and feel sorry/good about it…and basically want a secondment (!!) by the person we are bitching to…bitching does evoke emotions even in the coldest of the people 🙂 ….

#5 We bitch because its an ice breaker between two people…and helps up build trust and brings us closer (trust me on this!!)…Imagine of this like  ‘I have brought this on table, what have you got…?’ … This also have to do with the bitching content…usually what we bitch is very exciting and interesting (otherwise it won’t qualify as bitching!!)…so, this opens up the gates for people…suppose if I tell you some gossip over a period of time…it is highly likely that you are going to share some gossip or something that you wanted to discuss with me… (unless somebody has bitched about me to you ;)…) … This is what is also termed in civilized behaviour as “common ground” or finding the same “wavelength”….


Lets bitch some more….



6 thoughts on “Notes on ‘Bitching’

    • No..I did not mean that….its just that we do it without knowing why we do it….and there are people who refrain from it…but those are very few…usually, whatever I have seen, people who say “I don’t bitch” are the ones who bitch the most…

  1. Yeah.. There may be many such people who restrain themselves from useless bitching .. Anyway .. your posts are great..keep it up.. 🙂

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