Curious Case of Friends…

Consider this… A is a ‘good’ friend of B.

B has another friend C.

B introduces C to A.

A and C become close friends and forget B in process.

Imagine yourself in B’s place. How exactly you will feel –  neutral? jealous? fooled? or just continue as nothing happened…If you felt jealous and like a fool, read on…

What makes us feel like we own people’s live and they would act in a manner which we like…its a natural feeling and nothing to be ashamed of…everybody likes attention, being pampered, being talked about and so on…especially when it comes from a person who has entered your circle – of – trust and whom you look upon as an ‘ally’….

I have three explanations, and I think its a culmination of all three:

1) It is a ‘power thing’… as teens and youth, our power seems to be how ‘popular’ we are among friends…we start creating armies of friends (without realizing the fact that we even consider acquaintances as friends)…so obviously, if comrades are leaving you, you ought to get hurt and feel jealous and what not… 

2) May be it was destined to be so…meaning…it was one of life’s design to have B introduce C to A…and eventually get out of the process…don’t ask how life can be cruel to B and generous to A and C – who knows, may be life has a better design for B…:)

3) The most relevant….we feel defeated…we considered ourselves better attached to B than C…how can C come out as a better person in A’s eyes?? We feel cheated…and just can’t digest the fact that A considers C’s advice better…finds him a better company to hangout and spend time with…we feel exposed before ourself… as if we lack basic qualities as a person and people are just putting up a face with us and not actually enjoying our company…. mutliplying the effect is our low self confidence and esteem…..


Just another thing making life complicated, a puzzle of sorts… 





3 thoughts on “Curious Case of Friends…

  1. Well sooner or later A might realize some bad qualities of C and start disliking C holding the fact that everybody has bad qualities in them and nothing can hide it for long . That way A will start getting detached from C and come closer to B and this time B should not act like a saint but should tell A how neglected he felt in the process .
    In case C isn’t bad and things work smoothly between the two that is A and C then your explanation would be most appropriate to say the least . Well i have been in B’s position so I know how it feels. I was best friend of this A and when C came in ,A spend most of the time talking to C not considerating how B must be feeling . .. But thank God all is Ok now as A B C all happen to be girls!

    Find out if jealousy eats into your relationship. Am i jealous Type ? ( 5 qns )

    • ha ha ha!!

      you solved the case like a detective…
      but imagine if A, B, C are of mixed genders…like B and C are boys and A is a girl…or B and C are girls and A is a boy….

      Actually, i should have clarified…but, yes…this is more to do with mixed genders… in same gender case, i guess B can actually tell this straight to either A or not an issue…but yes, this happens lot of time if you look around…

  2. Well I haven’t been in that position where mix genders are involved however if that’s the case then Sachin I must tell that the result would be perturbing because jealousy is something which can eat up a relationship doesn’t matter B’s a girl or boy . Both boys and girls would feel resentful in B’s position.

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