Life wouldn’t have been what it is without relationships…we would be like machines then…nothing to emote, more importantly, no one to emote…I strongly feel, a person is a cumulative product of relationships he has had/not had in his entire life…

are relationships bad or good? productive or destructive? suppliments you or compliments you? neccessity or just a passing order? I have no clue! I just know that all stakes depend on how badly you want to be related to the person on the either side and whether you want  to continue or not, no matter whatever shape it takes.

Numerous people around me, sustain a relationship because, they can’t let go of that person. The person seems to be the raison de etre of their existence…even though that person may be ruling them, using them or ignoring them! They take all the tantrums, pain, idiosyncracies, whims that person has to offer…They even let them be like they are…and in the process, suffer pain, anguish and become insecure about the relationship. Nice price to pay for “being in a relationship with the person they want”…

Why this happens?? do we really love that person so much that we can ignore what the inner core is like and our own interests are compromised? or do we fear to invest time and energy again to get a person like that? or do we simply don’t like to lose or can’t digest that somebody doesn’t like us?  

Wish we all knew the answers… but then, life would not have been what it is….


3 thoughts on “Relationships…

    • Hi Tasneem,

      Thanks for your visit and encouraging words…

      Actually, you guessed it right – “How long we should wait?”….No one can predict future…Still, I would say patience does pay – either you get the right person or you are saved from the torment of being in an insecure, anyday-it-can-break relationship…

      It all starts when we lock ourselves in our comfort zones, and stop considering opportunities and even stop creating them…Why don’t we meet new people? Why don’t we go out to places full of people and strangers?

      I guess the idea is not to ‘limit’ yourself, but to ‘evolve’…let the experiences of relationship broaden your horizon instead of shrinking it…

  1. I’ll start socializing more than ever ! lol ! But yeah you’ve got the point . It’s only when we move out of our shell can we actually come in contact with people who may bring a change in our lives . Change for good off course.

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